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Residential & Commercial Cleaning Company in Palatine IL and Northwestern suburbs in the Chicagoland area

A clean place makes a happy motivated space.

At Genuine Motive Cleaning Service, we pride ourselves in providing you with a high-quality clean & professional service. Servicing Palatine IL and Chicagoland surrounding Northwestern suburbs of Cook County; We offer Home Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning to give you a wonderful experience with all of your cleaning needs as our friendly crew is ready to impress.

Why Genuine Motive Cleaning Service?


Trained & Certified Staff

 Insured, Bonded & Licensed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Natural, Nontoxic, Biodegradable Cleaning and Disinfectant


Book us for Eco-friendly cleaning services that are safe for Children and Pets

How To Book A Clean

Numbers We’re Proud of


Star Reviews


Visits Per Month


Towns & Cities Visited Regularly

Let our certified staff sweat the details so you don’t have too.

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